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  • PARP Iinhibitors

    IMPACT has discovered two series of novel PARP inhibitors with more than 60 novel compounds that are many folds more potent than AZD2281

  • Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors

    IMPACT has discovered three series of novel Hedgehog pathway inhibitors and has identified more than 10 compounds that are 10-100 folds more potent than the approved Hedgehog inhibitor GDC-044

  • Microtubule Inhibitor

    IMPACT has discovered two series of novel small molecular microtubule inhibitors, and selected IMP3138 as a clinical candidate for further development.


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Funded by venture capital and based in China, IMPACT Therapeutics, Inc. (IMPACT) is dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel and “best-in-class”


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IMPACT regards employees as the most valuable asset of the company, willing to absorb all outstanding and potential talents, and provides a broad career development space for each employee.